We are a brotherhood of men who share the common bond of self-swallowing. The time has come to cast aside shame and secrecy and celebrate this act of self-love. Here are our stories:

Saving It for Later   


Ready, Aim, Fire   

Lapping It Up   

Sharing the Fun   

Backdoor Assistance   

First Times and Attempts   

The Secret Ingredient   

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Ready, Aim, Fire

Blowing Bubbles

I love to throw my legs over my head and pump away. I have been doing this since I was sixteen years old and I am now 57. I love the taste of my cum as it squirts into my open mouth. I like to blow bubbles with my cum and then swallow it.

Getting Some Leverage

I love to throw my legs over my head and stick them between the mattress and box spring as I jack off. With my dick only an inch away from my mouth, it's easy to shoot a load down my own throat. The force of the mattress on my legs helps to insure that I won't pull away as I cum on myself.

Now I Lay Me Down

I like to sit on my bed and whack for I while but I donít cum. When Iím horny enough I put a pillow underneath my head and lift my hips above my head. From there I can lick the head of my dick while I whack off. Then I cum into my mouth and swallow it all.

Staring It Down

I like to just sit up against a pillow and stare at my cock while I masturbate. Then when I come I make sure it's pointing at my face so most of it hits me in the face. Then I scoop it all up with my finger and swallow it.

Head Over Heels

I do a backwards somersault and masturbate slowly and let my precum fall into my mouth. Then I sit up and almost get to the point of climax and then I let go. I wait a little then I go back at it. I do this about 6 times then I finally shoot my whole load all over my face and swallow some and it is so incredible. I just rub it all over my chest and itís great. Then I sit on my porch in the sun till I can get hard again.

Hard to Aim

I like to restrain myself from masturbating for a few days, then before jerking off look at porn for an hour, so then I can ejaculate a huge load. Right before I orgasm, I usually lie on my back and throw my legs back over my head so my cock is hanging right over my face. I don't try to swallow it right off. I like to shoot it all over my face. Be sure to do this on a towel or something because your aim won't be so good, and close your eyes too. Then I smear my cum all over my face and lick it off my lips and hands, or just lie there for a while. It's really a wonderful experience.

Precum Appetizer

I love to taste my precum and lie on my back and wank. The taste of the precum in my mouth makes me so horny. This makes me cum extra quick and then I swallow that huge load. Keep up the good work guys.

In the Teeth

I put my legs way up the wall sometimes and open my mouth. Then I shoot in my mouth and all over my face. Itís kinda gross Ďcause sometimes it gets in my teeth.

The Rosy Palm

I wait until nobody is at home and then go to my bedroom and strip off all my clothes! Once I have stripped, I lie on my bed and do the "Rosy Palm." To do the rosy palm you will need to put some sort of lubrication on the palm of your hand and then you rub the head of your penis until you get a funny feeling. Once you get the feeling, bend over by bending the lower part of your body towards your head. Now start pumping away until you shoot cum. Close your eyes and open your mouth. I swallow my cum but I am not gay.

Tit Torture

I masturbate by being totally naked and putting nipple clamps on my nipples. My nipples are very sensitive because I shave my breasts and around my cock. So I pull on my nipple clamps and watch my cock get big and hard. When I cum, I swallow all of it in my mouth. I love the taste of cum. My nipples become very perky using nipple clamps.

Girls Love the Taste

I like to dress in all kinds of girlsí clothes and lie on my back with my cock over my face and pump my cum in my mouth. Then I get on my knees in front of a mirror and look at the load in my mouth and swallow it. How can you be a girl and not love the taste of cum?

In a Corner

I like to lube up my dick with my spit and prop myself in a corner so that my dick is pointing right at me. Then I swallow all the cum I can.

A Throbbing Thrill

The taste of cum is an acquired taste, which I have learned to love. My own cum dropping from my hard cock directly into my mouth is a great throbbing thrill. It isn't hard to position myself so that my cock is right over my open mouth if I lay on the floor and put my feet up on the bed over my head. Looking up at my hard cock makes me get really excited and it doesn't take long before I am ready to cum. I stall it off as long as I can, but it isn't long before I can't hold back, because my prick is throbbing so hard and feels so good. I cum into my mouth and then I swirl it around in my mouth, tasting it, sliding it around with my tongue, and then swallowing it all down. Makes my cock hard just thinking about it.

Gallons of Goo

I like sitting up against the wall and then do a backwards somersault. That way, my cock is right above my mouth. Then I just masturbate and shoot the cum in my mouth. I'm straight but I love cum so much. Itís my favorite part of porn videos. I just wanna swallow gallons of the thick, creamy, salty, gooey cum down my throat.

Doing It Dry

I go in a U-position and do a dry masturbation. Before I cum, I let go and I don't orgasm, but I cum, and it goes all in my mouth, and I self-swallow. It is so good tasting. Try it yourself.

Working It to a Froth

I like to jack after 3 or 4 days of abstinence for a really big wad blast! I'll lay naked on my bed and start dry stroking with my left hand and squeeze my balls real hard with my right hand until the precum starts to ooze out of my piss-hole. Then (this takes some practice) I slowly milk small drops of warm, white cum out my now-straining cock head and using them as lube, continuing to beat away on my throbbing shaft as even more jizz pours out in bigger globs. All this pumping meanwhile turns my cum-glazed dick into a slippery foamy-like mess with the wet slurping sounds adding even more to the experience. After 20 to 30 minutes of this abusive ecstasy, I'm now pretty much ready to blow my whole load so I pick up the pace and start lifting my whole butt off the bed to meet my strokes. I usually squirt 5 or 6 good size ropes, the first 1 or 2 landing on my face or tongue (I keep my mouth open!). After I'm all done and calmed down I swish it around my mouth and swallow...YUM! !!

Bottoms Up

For me, masturbating always ends with swallowing my own cum. I usually wank as normal, and often stimulate my prostate, but as I near orgasm I lie on my bed, pull my legs up so my cock is pointing at my face, and then empty my load into my mouth. I love the warm salty taste. I sometimes spit some cum onto my hands and then rub my bum hole. Amazing.

How About It, Straight Guys?

I was wondering how many straight men sample their jizz. I love putting my legs straight up in the air and buffiní my mushroom till I knock out a load in my mouth. It canít be too bad for ya.....women swallow it. How many straight guys taste or swallow their cum? Anyone know?

Super Size Me

Cut the bottom out of a plastic two quart soda bottle. Spray the inside with some "non-stick" "Pam" "tasteless" cooking spray. A light coating is all that is needed. One doesnít want to lose that great taste. When youíre about to explode, position your cock over the open-holed bottle, legs over your head. Now put the screw top end in your mouth, without the cap on, and pop your load in the end. It will run down and into your open mouth. In essence you have made your cock 12 inches longer and it is impossible to waste a drop.

Youíre Not Alone

I have a question. I have jerked off so many different ways and love them all. What I want to know from readers is how many straight guys taste or swallow their own cum. I hope Iím not the only one here who does it. My favorite way is to put my legs in the air so my cock is aiming at my face. At the point of shooting, I open my mouth and blast a creamy hot load in my mouth and swallow my sweet nut gravy. I was wondering how many straight men really do this...though none would admit it in person. I really donít see the big deal. Itís your own....how safe can ya be and you damned sure wonít wind up with a baby. Probably more do it than we know.

In the Mood for Cum

The best way to masturbate when youíre in the mood for your own cum is to lay flat on the ground naked, turn the light off, and start fantasizing. Stop occasionally and lick the precum off your finger, and continue jerking. When youíre ready to bust, throw your legs over your head and as close as possible cum in your mouth. Keep jerking and let every drop go in. Swish it around in your mouth, swallow and enjoy.

Time for a Private Moment

I often watch myself masturbate in front of a mirror and then watch my face when Iím about to blow my load. When I do this, I quickly get on my back, lift my legs above my head so that my cock is in my face and I shove as many fingers up my arse as possible, whilst still jacking. I then blow my load all in my mouth and swallow all of my cum. It feels so good, I think Iím gonna go for some private time now!

Let It Ooze

I get really horny from reading these stories, then I grab my cock and begin jerking it up and down gently with strokes speeding gradually. Then I lick my hand and rub my cock for stimulation while jerking off (like now). Sometimes I will lay back and put my legs over my head and let the cum ooze into my mouth. If Iím really horny I may even swallow it.