We are a brotherhood of men who share the common bond of self-swallowing. The time has come to cast aside shame and secrecy and celebrate this act of self-love. Here are our stories:

Saving It for Later   


Ready, Aim, Fire   

Lapping It Up   

Sharing the Fun   

Backdoor Assistance   

First Times and Attempts   

The Secret Ingredient   

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First Time and Attempts

Working Up to It

I lie on my back with my feet facing the wall and edge myself up so my ass is up the wall a bit. Then I throw my feet back over my head and reach for my dick with my mouth. I swallow the precum which is nice but I never have taken a shot in my mouth. I want to though.

I Love Precum

I love to start by rubbing my big balls. My cock gets real hard and I stroke slowly. Once it is real hard I will stoke it fast until I almost cum, then stop. I do this for hours. I get lots of precum going, rub it all over my cock and lick the juices from my hands. I love precum. I shot my load into my mouth once, but have not swallowed. I want to try though. After hours of this, my wife comes home from work and we have the most incredible sex. She asked me one night what I did to make my cock so thick and hard. I told her what I do and it totally turned her on.

Started Small

I started by wiping the precum off my cock with my finger and licking it while I wanked. This progressed to rolling over on my back and shooting my load into my mouth. It's a huge turn-on. Try it.

Still Donít Have the Balls

I normally jerk off at night in bed right before I go to sleep. I've been very curious about drinking my own load but have never had the balls to actually do it. I've come all over my belly and tasted it off my fingers, but I always chicken out about swallowing all of it. When I am jerking off, I want to swallow it. I even think about it as Iím jerking off, but when I cum, I chicken out. I am just curious what its like to actually drink the whole load. I know one day I will actually try it.

Sweet, Sweet Precum

I like to lie on my back and hold my cock, squeezing it gently while fantasizing. I do this until I can feel the precum oozing off my cock head down on to my thumb. I then lick all the jizz off my thumb, take the rest of it off my cock and lick it off my fingers. I try to get as much as possible. Itís sweet and a real turn on. I have put my legs over my head and can get my face about 4 inches from my cock. As I stroke my cock and I know that I am going to cum, I usually lose the interest to come all over my face and in my mouth. Seems too weird when it's really going to happen. But I have done it, twice, and the orgasm was really strong. A long pumping stream of spunk onto my face, and lips and I swallowed some (not much). Tasting my oozing precum is really sweet and it turns me on. Tasting my semen while I cum is not that good, but maybe I'll try it again soon! There are times when I've shot my load once all over my stomach and chest then waited a while and started stroking again. While I do this, I lick some of the semen off my body and that does turn me on. Also, I love to use a cock ring while stroking it.

Still Not Sure

Sometimes when Iím really horny I lock myself into the bathroom and put a towel on the floor so I donít make a mess. Then I start masturbating and sticking fingers up my arse. When Iím about to cum I put my legs over my head and aim my dick to my mouth. I usually end up with loads of cum over my face and in my mouth. But just after I cum I always find it a bit disgusting so I never actually swallowed a whole load, but I still want to.

The Courage to Cum

I've been self-sucking for about 6 months now. I lay on my back (actually the back of my neck), and push against the wall or cradle my leg. I've been able to go deeper each time. After about 45 minutes of practicing I can get about half my dick in my mouth. The exertion is uncomfortable though, so I usually end up jacking off. Today I built up enough courage to jack off in my mouth. I didn't swallow though.

By the Spoonful

I had wanted to eat my own cum for a long time but was turned off when it came time to do it. I did it a few times but was not satisfied with the experience. Recently I have found that going a long time before cumming and not fully finishing off is a great way to follow through on your desire to eat it. I get to the point of orgasm but do not continue to stroke, so as to produce a flow of cum as opposed to a violent squirting effect. I cum into a plastic spoon and swallow it!

Getting Up the Nerve

For the past few years, I have been curious about sucking my own cock. Several times, after 45 minutes of trying, I finally connected my hard cock head to my lips. Licking the head then fuels my desire to try to shove the head closer into my mouth. A couple times I had both lips on my cock. Until recently, I would stroke myself to climax, wimp out and cum on my chest. Recently, after reading some inspiring stories of guys getting up the nerve, I held myself in place while I was cumming. My entire load splashed into my eager mouth. It was pure heaven. Right now, I am so freaking hard while writing this. In just a few moments, I will attempt self-swallow #2. Wish me luck!

Use a Straw

I was reading these stories and had never really swallowed my own cum. I had tasted it, but never really swallowed. So I decided to give it a shot. Yes, pun intended! I cut off a piece of tubing from my old fish tank, put Vaseline on the tip and proceeded to jack off with my fingers deep up my ass, working my prostate. As I was getting ready to come, I removed my fingers from my butt and slid the tube about a quarter inch into the head of my dick and came almost immediately. My cum shot into the tube. About halfway through cumming I sucked everything out of the tube, first into my mouth, then I swallowed it. It was a strange, salty taste but overall was good. I'll be doing this again. Thanks for the inspiration.

The Taste Was Horrible

This was the first time I came on myself. I was in the bathroom naked (except for my anklets...I never take those off) ready to masturbate then I felt that I wanted to try something new. So I lubed up the end of my toothbrush, lay down, and tried to put my legs high, as high up as I could, almost over my head and rest them on the sink. Then, I started continually thrusting the end of the toothbrush in and out of my anus and began jerking off as usual, fantasizing about me and my boyfriend (fine, I admit it, I'm gay). There I was, with my penis right in front of my face and right before I came I closed my eyes and opened my mouth. I totally freaked out when the cum shot straight into my throat. I gagged for a while and hated it. The taste and texture were just horrible. I was coughing and spitting for days after that. I always spat it out until my boyfriend taught me to swallow.

Half a Loadís Better Than None

I masturbate all kinds of ways, but the best is to get a dildo and deep throat it as I stroke my cock. I can get most of six-inch dildo down my throat and when I have some precum I will rub it on the head of the dildo and pretend it is someone elseís. I have only swallowed my own cum once, but it was a ďhalf of a loadĒ so to speak. As soon as I get the full load out I lose interest in swallowing it. I am straight but I have this weird desire to suck on a cock at least once. I really like precum but I am not too sure about a load of cum. I have put my legs over my head.