We are a brotherhood of men who share the common bond of self-swallowing. The time has come to cast aside shame and secrecy and celebrate this act of self-love. Here are our stories:

Saving It for Later   


Ready, Aim, Fire   

Lapping It Up   

Sharing the Fun   

Backdoor Assistance   

First Times and Attempts   

The Secret Ingredient   

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Save It for Later

Down the Hatch

I cum several times in a shot glass, then when I jerk off I try to get the nerve to drink it. The more loads the better and I sometimes have six. Itís hard to do, so I imagine that several guys have jerked off in the glass and they force me to drink it and swallow it slowly. I pour it in my mouth quickly without thinking about it, like I have no choice, and that makes me cum large.

Swish and Swallow

I love to blow my load into a shot glass and then drink it. Sometimes Iíll just swallow it right away and sometimes I leave the cum in my mouth and swish it around before I swallow. Itís the best.

Iíll Drink to That

I love to eat the precum off the end of my cock by just wiping it off with my fingers and then licking it off my fingers, but when I want to swallow my entire cum shot, I usually cum in a shot glass and swallow it that way. It's great to "save up" for a while so that there's a big load to swallow.

Saving It Up

I love to masturbate and cum in a small jar, which I then store in the freezer. After collecting about 20 loads, I dress up in suspenders, stockings and high heels. I warm my cum collection in a microwave and when I jerk off and cum all over my stockings and stomach, I empty the jar into my mouth and swallow it all down slowly, savoring the beautiful taste. I then sleep in my lingerie. Sheer heaven.

Secretly Savoring It

I have loved to masturbate since I was very young, about 13. My favorite is to swallow my own come either from my hands or being upside down in any way and letting my come drip to my mouth. I love to rub it in my mouth and face. The best of all is not to swallow it but to hold it in your mouth for a long time, even a couple of hours. Itís very exciting, especially if you continue with your daily routine like working, and nobody suspects you are having the taste of come in your mouth. You could talk to girls or anyone else, and itís only your secret. The best way, I promise.

Improvised Ejaculating Dildo

It is not always easy to find a dick to suck when I am horny so I improvise. First I jack off in a rubber. I tie off the end and freeze my cum. Next time I am horny and don't have something to suck I go to the freezer. I let the cum thaw, which doesn't take very long if I roll it between my palms. Once thawed I put the rubber on a 8" dildo that isn't too fat. I suck on this to get it to body temperature then I stick a pin hole into the tip of the rubber where the cum is. I now suck on the improvised dick and get drops of the cum in my mouth. I put a little of the cum on my mustache so I can smell it while I continue to suck. By this time I am jerking my dick and it is hard as it ever gets. The idea of smelling and tasting my own cum really turns me on and my cum is very sweet. The hotter I get the more cum I suck out. With most of the cum in my mouth, I swallow small amounts to enjoy the taste until I can't stand it and want the dildo in my throat. I lean my head over the edge of the bed and insert the dildo as far as I can in my throat. Being lubed with my own cum, it generally goes in to the hilt. When I can't hold back any longer, I swallow all of the cum and go back down on the dildo as far as I can. I cum with several sharp blasts and stay down as long as I can. Now I have another load for the next time.

Serve Chilled

Whenever I cum I will not be in the mood to swallow right away, so I collect it in a glass or something and keep that in the fridge to cool. After a few days I will swallow the frozen cum. I enjoy the taste. and I cum in the same bottle again, so the procedure continues.

Melts in Your Mouth

I like to freeze my cum in a container and add to it during several jack off sessions. Each time I place it back in the freezer until I am ready to treat myself to a huge load. During a nice slow jack off session I will take my container and let the frozen glob slide into my mouth and start thawing. The taste of my melting semen gets me hot and soon I have a large load to swish around my mouth and swallow just before I enjoy ejaculating again.

Baggie Ritual

I find it super hot to swallow my own cum. I jack off into a plastic baggie and after cumming, remove the baggie from my cock and lay it out flat on my dresser. Then I use my finger to wipe my cock-head clean and lick my finger. I then milk my cock for any remaining cum, wipe the drops with my finger and lick away. Now I return to the baggie of cum. I use a ruler to squeegee the cum into a pool. Then I raise the baggie over my upturned face and let the pool of thick cum slowly descend onto my extended tongue. I then swish the cum around inside my mouth, enjoying the feel, taste and texture. Finally, I swallow. It's sooo goood, I only wish I could ejaculate ten times as much cum.

Single-Serving Packet

I like to beat off in a condom and then put the condom in my mouth and turn it inside out and suck all my own cum off it and swallow it. I wish I could suck my own dick, but I do like sucking other men with big cocks. They say I suck good.

Cocktail Recipe

I swallow my own hot load every time. Iíll gargle it. I fill a 2 ounce shot glass with one ounce of my own cum and another ounce of my own piss and down it goes.

Deposits at the Sperm Bank

I like to jerk off at least 4 times early in the day and save my cum in a container. Then later at night when I am real horny, I jerk off while playing with the cum in my mouth. I can't do it after I orgasm, I lose the desire to, so I have to save it up and do it before. I'm straight, but I love the idea of a huge cumshot in my mouth.