We are a brotherhood of men who share the common bond of self-swallowing. The time has come to cast aside shame and secrecy and celebrate this act of self-love. Here are our stories:

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Lapping It Up   

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Secret Ingredient

Creamy Milkshake

I love to masturbate my cock with lots of Johnson's baby lotion and swallow my own cum in the cum swallowing position, or spurt it in my palm and lick it up after. I also spurt it in a glass of very cold and creamy powdered milk and drink my cum with it. I also freeze two weeks worth of cum loads and slurp it like young coconut meat while watching gay porn.

Lunch Special

I masturbate almost every day while having lunch in my work van, usually in a public parking lot which gets me super horny, knowing that I might get caught. I always lick all of the precum that slowly oozes out of my cock and when I squirt my load, I love to shoot it onto my sandwich or into my pudding cup and savor it with my lunch. I will sometimes squirt it into a spoon and drink it straight, or I will cum into a cup and wait a couple of hours and slowly sip the now-clear fluid; This tastes wonderful and it makes me incredibly horny again, so I will pull over and masturbate again. Another thing that I like to do is to have my girlfriend climb on top of me and "69" me after I have shot my huge load into her pussy, this way I get to lick up all of my cum that is oozing out of her pussy along with her wonderful juices mixed together, which is such a great taste and turn on for both of us. I'm getting so horny writing this that I'm going to go masturbate right now and swallow all of my cum!

Chocolate Sprinkles on That?

I play with my cock for hours until my balls begin to ache. When I am close to cumming, I stop. I do that a lot of times, so when I cum, I really explode. I suggest you try it. My favorite ending is to cum in my mouth and swallow my hot sperm. But I do it differently every time. For example, yesterday I had a chocolate ice cream. I finished in it and ate it. Mmm, it was delicious.

Cream-Filled Cupcake

I love lifting my legs over my head and jacking off until I cum right in my mouth, I taste it for a while then swallow the whole lot. Also, I like cumming onto some type of food like a biscuit. Sometimes I cut a cupcake in half and shoot my load inside then put the two halves back together and eat it. I just love the creamy centre.

Protein Shake

I have always wanted to drink my own cum but have never felt like it after cumming. The other day I promised myself that I would do it. I came in a glass and mixed it with full cream milk and drank it in four gulps. It was OK, but you must mix it up well. I will try it next time with less milk.

Next Best Thing

Once I started swallowing my own cum I regretted all the times I wiped it off with something. I really do like the taste of my cum. It makes my masturbation that much more enjoyable. It was best for me when I put my legs over my head while lying down on my back and letting my dick shoot the cum right in to my mouth, never missing a single drop of that wonderful sex juice. I am so old now that I can no longer cum, so I do the next best thing. I put yogurt on my dick and with my fingers, bring it from my dick to my mouth. Putting the yogurt on to my dick and then sucking it off my dick is one of the ways I get that good old feeling of cumming off again. But this time there is much more of it than my dick could ever produce.