We are a brotherhood of men who share the common bond of self-swallowing. The time has come to cast aside shame and secrecy and celebrate this act of self-love. Here are our stories:

Saving It for Later   


Ready, Aim, Fire   

Lapping It Up   

Sharing the Fun   

Backdoor Assistance   

First Times and Attempts   

The Secret Ingredient   

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Share the Fun

Money Shot

I like to jerk of with my cock pointing towards my face while filming it on my webcam. When I cum I swallow every bit.

Cum on Cam

I love to stroke my cock whilst people watch me on my cam via messenger and when Iím ready, I lie on my back and let everyone see me cum on my face and in my mouth. I sometimes blow bubbles with the cum before I swallow!

Leave the Bathroom Clean for Others

I like to masturbate in the stall of a public bathroom when it's really crowded. I'm uncircumcised so I use my foreskin to pump up and down on my cock, and after I cum I just swallow it for easy clean up. The thrill of others listening to me moan and groan is very pleasing.

Climbing the Walls

I love to get naked, find a clear wall (nothing hanging on it), then slowly work my legs up the wall. Then I put a cock-ring type vibrator on my cock and wait for my reward. With my legs "up the wall", itís a perfect position. My hard cock is pointed right at my face! When the cock-ring vibrator works its magic, I'm rewarded with a face and mouth full of cum! I love watching it spray out and trying to catch it all with my mouth. Then I flip my legs back over my head and finish myself off by sucking the tip of my cock dry. Itís amazing to swallow my own warm cum. Itís even more erotic to have several women watching. Itís my favorite "act" to do at parties.

Drink on Demand

I will go into an adult chat room and say I will perform on webcam for the first woman who IMs me. It is then a challenge because I must do whatever she tells me. Most have me fuck my ass with things, and one had me cum into a glass and show her, then drink it and show my open mouth full of cum to the camera, then swallow it.

I Wish You Could Watch

I hang upside-down behind the sofa with my penis above my mouth and pointing towards it. Then I masturbate and shoot the sperm right into my mouth, and sometimes swallow it, depending on how turned on I get. I have videotaped myself doing this, and fantasize about watching the tape with my girlfriend. Sharing this information is exciting enough that I am going to go shoot sperm in my mouth and swallow it right now. I wish I had a webcam to show it.

Cum-Filled Kisses

My girlfriend likes to make me masturbate for her to watch sometimes. She will ask me to masturbate at the most unlikely times and then sometimes when we are having sex. She gets very hot and really just about has an orgasm watching me jack off. Then I will go down or her orally and she will have an incredible screaming orgasm from the jacking and oral play. She has asked me to jack off in the car and then had me go down on her. I am turned on by having her watch me playing with myself and then when I cum it is a particularly big cum and intense orgasm. She gets really hot for her own orgasm and sometimes masturbates herself also. She also likes to take my cum in her mouth as I cum from masturbating. She will ask me to tell her when I am going to cum and will put her mouth over my cock head and take my cum in her mouth. Then sheíll kiss me so we both can taste my cum until it's all swallowed and gone!

I Lick It Off Her

My wife and I have developed wonderful sex alternatives that include my masturbating on her body - her feet, her breasts, and her butt. Each scenario begins with me giving her oral sex, which results in wonderful orgasms for her and gives me a huge erection. I jack off on whatever part of her body she requests, then I lick my semen from her body. The act of swallowing my own semen often propels me to a second orgasm.

Glazed Ta-Tas

My wife loves it when we play and she jerks me off for awhile. Then I take over and jerk off onto her tits. Then she makes me lick it all off and swallow it. Turns us both on.

Girlfriend Likes to Watch

When my girlfriend's not around, I take the dildo out of her strap-on and pump my ass with it. I like to imagine her holding me down and pumping me. When I start to get close I put my feet over my head and give myself a facial, swallowing whatever hits my mouth. I get great orgasms this way and my girlfriend likes to watch.

She Walked in on Me

My girlfriend has always liked it when she swallows my cum but one day I decided to try it. I watched some porn and began to rub the head of my cock and licked up the precum. Just as I was about to cum my girlfriend walked in and saw me so I just came on my hand and licked it up. After that I had the best sex of my life, and the cum didn't taste bad either.

Of Course I Swallow!

I love jerking off to the sight of my beautiful wifeís ass. I like to sit in the bathroom while she is getting ready, naked in front of the mirror. I love the bathroom because I can check out her breasts in the mirror and study her ass at the same time. My cock gets so hard as I see her glance back at me as I begin to jerk off. I love to slide a finger up my ass which makes my cock want to explode. Usually she will turn around and watch me as my precum oozes out of my cock and then I explode all over my stomach. Once in a while I shoot so far that it hits my mouth. Of course I swallow!